Keep Your Ears Open When it Comes to Buying Toys

Keep Your Ears Open When it Comes to Buying Toys

PRWEB – The holidays are just around the corner, and with that comes the annual hunt for the perfect children’s gift. Audible toys which reproduce speech, noises, sounds and tunes are particularly popular amongst children. What people may not know is that some of these toys reach volumes that could potentially cause permanent damage to children’s hearing. This is the purpose behind a collaboration with Hear the World and Aalen University in Germany to conduct a thorough examination on a selection of 28 popular children’s toys available in five different countries. The result: many of the toys tested are harmless – but there are still a few rogue items among them which produce record volumes of around 130 decibels. This is the same noise level produced by a jet taking off at low distance and, which can cause irreparable hearing damage in a very short time.

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