Adjusting To Hearing Aids

Adjusting To Hearing Aids

Similar to glasses or contact lenses, Getting Used to Hearing Aidshearing aids can feel strange when you first apply it to your body. But like with everything else, after a brief period of time and adjustment this will change as you get used to it. Here are a few tips so that you can fully enjoy hearing with your new hearing aid:

  • When watching TV or listening to the radio sometimes it is not possible to understand every single word. In those situations try to concentrate on the overall context. It will help in not getting frustrated.
  • When visiting a public place such as a place of worship or a theatre people with a hearing aid device maybe presented with an acoustic challenge. In this situation you ideally should find a seat in the section with the best acoustics. This is usually located in the front and center of the room. Do not sit too closely to the speaker, but close enough to see his or her face.
  • Even people without hearing loss find it difficult to follow discussions sometimes, especially if several people are talking at once. In this situation, you should still be an active participant in the discussion; just move closer to the person you would like to hear and focus on him or her. As you gain experience with your hearing aid you will be able to master these situations with more ease and confidence.

Your first experiences are essential for the successful adjustment of your hearing aid. For any questions about your new hearing aid device and how to properly be using it call North County Audiology at (858) 240-4722. Proudly serving the San Diego community! Learn more about the hearing services available at North County Audiology.

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