Hearing Aids: Introducing the Oticon Intiga

Hearing Aids: Introducing the Oticon Intiga

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid

Oticon Intiga

Are you becoming more and more embarrassed by having conversations with people and constantly asking them to repeat themselves because you simply can’t hear what they are saying? Even minor hearing loss can separate you from the outside world and give you such a feeling of frustration. Have you tried other hearing aids and nothing seems to really work?

Well those days don’t have to be like that anymore! The Oticon Intiga hearing aid is now available at the North County Audiology hearing aid center located in San Diego, CA. This new super tiny, ultra sleek, high-performance hearing device is like nothing ever seen or heard from before.

Contact us if you are interested in the Oticon Intiga hearing aid and want to learn more. To make an appointment, please call (858) 240-4722.

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