Hearing Aid Devices and Background Noise

Hearing Aid Devices and Background Noise

Hearing loss can be very frustrating to many individuals. Not being able to hear someone can affect the way we communicate and interact with others. Thank goodness there are hearing aids that can make a huge difference in helping the communication process go much smoother.

One major concern that manyBackground Noise with Hearing Aids hearing aid users have is the inability to completely filter out sounds you want to hear from the ones you don’t. You may for example want to have a conversation with a friend in a restaurant but are constantly hearing noise outside, including car traffic and people laughing. There have been tremendous advances in hearing aid technology that allow you to reduce and/or cancel background noise.

The stylish and user-friendly hearing aids of today are more discreet and come with many amazing features like remote controls, directional microphones, and other features to help combat background noise. There are also assistive listening devices available which are systems for delivering sound data that can be paired with hearing aids. Assistive listening devices along with hearing aids can help compensate for poor room acoustics, distance to the speaker, and background noise.

Conveniently located in San Diego, California, our audiologist can help you with your hearing needs! To learn more about the hearing aid devices and assistive listening devices available, contact Dr. Podlenski at North County Audiology at (858) 240-4722.

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