Hearing Loss Doesn’t Stop You From Becoming A Pro

Hearing Loss Doesn’t Stop You From Becoming A Pro

Last week Minnesota Vikings General Manager, Rick Spielman signed 15 rookie free agents. 14 of them were regular players out of college. One, Derrick Coleman, a running back from UCLA has a unique story. He suffers from hearing loss problems.

Coleman can make out sounds but not words without his hearing aids. With the hearing aids in he still has to read lips to fully understand what is being said. With his hearing deficiency though, he is able to become more hyper-aware of his surroundings on the field. In the huddle he pays extra attention and is totally focused to what the quarterback is saying to make sure he gets the play right.

Whatever he is doing must be working as the 240 pound back, rushed for 765 yards and 11 touchdowns for UCLA last season and was even named to the All-Pac-12 second team.

In the history of the NFL there has only been two deaf players (both defensive players). If Coleman makes the Vikings squad he will be the first offensive player to have a severe hearing deficiency in the history of the league.

This shows that people with hearing loss can still do anything they set their mind too. All you need is dedication, patience and a great hearing aid. To learn more about the newest, most advanced hearing aids on the market including the Oticon Intiga call North County Audiology at (858) 240-4722. Hopefully Coleman doesn’t score too many touchdowns against our Chargers!

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