Auditory Nerve Damage Can Cause Hearing Loss

Auditory Nerve Damage Can Cause Hearing Loss

The auditory nerve is a veryAuditory Nerve Damage Can Cause Hearing Loss important part of your body that you probably don’t know that much about. It is responsible for transmitting sounds from the sensory portions of the ear to the brain. If there is damage to the auditory nerve, it can cause a type of hearing loss, called sensorineural hearing loss.

There are several different infectious diseases that can cause damage to the auditory nerve. Certain childhood infections including mumps and rubella can have a role as well. Certain congenital infections, which are passed from a pregnant mother to her unborn child can also cause auditory nerve damage. Trauma and head injuries could also be a reason for auditory nerve damage. A head injury can potentially damage parts of the brain which the auditory nerve runs.

If you are experiencing hearing loss problems, it could be caused by damage to the auditory nerve.  Hearing testing is available at North County Audiology, a hearing loss treatment & audiology center located in San Diego, California. Find out what hearing loss treatments are available. To make an appointment, call (858) 240-4722.

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