Hearing Aid Accessories: The Oticon ConnectLine Technology

Hearing Aid Accessories: The Oticon ConnectLine Technology

Oticon is a well-knownOticon ConnectLine Hearing Aid Technology hearing aid manufacturer and offers some of the best hearing aid technology, such as the Oticon ConnectLine technology. The Oticon ConnectLine technology allows you to wirelessly connect to various electronic devices with your Oticon hearing aids.  This Oticon hearing aid accessory turns your hearing instruments into a wireless headset for a full range of electronic devices including home phones, cell phones, televisions, computers, music devices, as well as other appliances.

Oticon ConnectLine products are really user-friendly. Oticon ConnectLine’s remote also allows you to switch between these various technologies effortlessly with the click of a button. There are no complex controls to fiddle with, and the hearing care professionals at North County Audiology can help guide you through the entire setup process.

The ConnectLine technology is used through the Oticon Streamer, a small iPod-like device that simply hangs around your neck. It gives the hearing aid user the capability to change the volume of your multimedia devices remotely and with a simple designed volume control. It may be purchased as an add-on for almost any Oticon hearing aid product. Ask your audiologist for more details.

North County Audiology, a hearing care center in San Diego, CA is proud offer quality hearing aid products including Oticon hearing aids and hearing aid accessories.  Contact us today to find out what Oticon hearing aid is best for you. Don’t forget to ask about the Oticon ConnectLine technology!

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