Waterproof Hearing Aids

Waterproof Hearing Aids

According to a June 2011 survey conducted by Applied Research, today nearly 10 million Americans wear hearing aids. One in six of those Americans – almost 1.6 million people – restrict their daily activities because of the limitations of their hearing aid devices.

Water, sweat and humidity can present a lot of challenges to hearing aid users because once the moisture seeps inside an electronic hearing aid it can do a lot of damage that might result in costly hearing aid repairs.
Most hearing aids offered in today’s market are not waterproof, which makes it difficult for hearing impaired individuals to enjoy many social activities, including water sports, pool parties, sauna, trips to the beach with friends, or even listening to audiobooks or watching TV while lying the bathtub.

Nonparticipation from these activities by hearing aid users can also have an effect on their quality of life creating much deeper consequences leading to social isolation, increased anger, anxiety, cognitive decline and depression. Adults suffering from hearing loss may even face a greater risk of heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

During the past decade, hearing aid manufacturers have recognized a high need on the market for hearing aid solutions that allow people with symptoms of hearing loss to be able to enjoy activities outside in the hot climate environment. To resolve this issue they have introduced water-resistant hearing instruments to the market.

Moving beyond just water resistance, the most recent development in hearing aid technology is a completely waterproof, dust proof, and virtually shock resistant hearing aid. With tough build, impressive design, perfect engineering, and cutting-edge advancements, these waterproof hearing aids allow people suffering for any hearing condition actively enjoy every decibel of life to its fullest.

This is a great achievement in the hearing world. These modern hearing aids can keep pace with active Americans with a hearing loss, who no longer have to worry about getting caught in the rain, humidity, moisture & perspiration, or rugged environmental job conditions. Today these millions of Americans with hearing loss are much closer to living the seamless, active lifestyles they desire thanks to waterproof hearing aids.

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