Olympic Athletes with Hearing Loss

Olympic Athletes with Hearing Loss

There is no doubt that the 2012 Summer Hearing Impaired Athletes in the Olympics Olympic Games has become the most popular topic these days. I hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics, and using the tips on how to watch TV with a hearing loss if you are suffering from this condition.

In the spirit of the Olympics, it seemed reasonable to talk about the recent participation of some hearing impaired Olympians and recognize their contribution and efforts. It is amazing to see how day by day hard-of-hearing athletes demonstrate that hearing impairment certainly does not impair their capability to participate and win medals, even Gold medals in the Olympics.

This is the case of David Smith, a team USA Volleyball player, who is deaf and plays center court for the US Men’s Volleyball Team. Smith states that his hearing loss had never stopped him from pursuing his dreams: “My parents would always tell me, You are the only one who’s stopping you from doing what you want to do.”

David Smith confirms that his family’s encouragement made the London Olympic Games possible for him. Without his family he never would have reached the London Games. He remembers how his parents insisted he was in class with the average kids and played sports with every other kid even though he knew he was different and unique.

Smith was born with about 80 percent hearing loss, but says his hearing impairment has only forced him to be a better athlete. Smith wears two hearing aids, but those only help him hear certain things, under specific, quiet circumstances. Therefore, Smith relies heavily on his ability to read lips. And by all accounts is an expert lip reader. As a result some people are not even aware of his hearing impairment.

The Olympics were always a big deal to the Smith family. Finally after years of hard work and thanks to David’s dedication and perseverance, he is living a dream playing center court for Team USA.

This Olympic athlete, who is hearing impaired, is definitely an inspiration for others. He hopes that people suffering from hearing loss become able to dream bigger and find the confidence and the courage to chase their dreams. What a beautiful message to help people not think of his hearing loss as an obstacle.

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