Myths about Hearing Aids

Myths about Hearing Aids

Myth: It is better to hide your hearing loss problems so you do not have to wear hearing aids.

Untreated hearing loss is definitely worse than wearing hearing aids. The ability to communicate effectively is very important as we all know, and untreated hearing loss could severely reduce the quality of your life. The majority of first time hearing aid users are surprisingly satisfied with hearing aids that are available. Nearly invisible, hi-tech, stylish are all words that best describe the hearing aid of today.

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Myth: You can save time and money by purchasing your hearing aids on the internet.

Actually, by going to see an audiologist, a qualified hearing aid expert, you will receive professional hearing care and hearing aid services including selecting the best hearing aid product based off your hearing test results and making the proper adjustments to the hearing aid as needed. Hearing care services offered by an audiologist include:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Referrals for medical treatment (if required)
  • Hearing aid evaluations & fittings
  • Instructions on how to properly use and maintain the hearing aid you selected
  • Follow-up care and support including hearing aid repairs and rehabilitation services

Myth: Hearing aids will make me look “older” and “handicapped.”

Many people are hesitant about getting hearing aids and bettering their hearing just because they believe hearing aids still look and function like the ones their grandparents wore. With the many advancements in hearing aid technology, hearing aid devices are now much smaller some nearly invisible to others. Your local audiologist can help educate you about the hearing aids that are available and how they can improve your quality of life.

Myth: Hearing aids will make everything sound too loud.

Yes, hearing aids are amplifiers, but with today’s hearing aids, the circuitry works automatically, only providing the amount of amplification needed based on the input level. In fact, many hearing aids today don’t even have a volume control.

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