Hearing Aid Help: About Hearing Aid Feedback Problems

Hearing Aid Help: About Hearing Aid Feedback Problems

Hearing aid feedback problems are usually a concern for hearing aid users, especially first-time hearing aid users. But with today’s digital hearing aids, you have less to worry about in terms of hearing aid feedback problems. If hearing aid feedback problems occur it may be a sign there is a problem with the hearing aid, and the hearing aid may need to be taken to an audiologist a.k.a. the “real” hearing aid experts for some hearing aid adjustments. Hearing aid feedback problems are becoming less common because today’s advanced hearing aid devices usually come equipped with automatic feedback suppression. When the hearing aid detects a hint of feedback, it automatically adjusts itself to suppress the feedback.

Types & Causes of Hearing Aid Feedback

Acoustical Hearing Aid Feedback: This is caused when amplified sound produced by the hearing aid speaker is picked up again by the hearing aid’s microphone creating a sound loop that just gets louder.

Mechanical Hearing Aid Feedback: This issue is usually pretty simple to fix. Mechanical feedback occurs when physical vibrations are created due to contact between the hearing aid speaker and the hearing aid casing. These vibrations are then transferred through the casing back to the microphone. We recommend taking the hearing aid to an audiologist for repairs.

Electronic Feedback: This type of hearing aid feedback is usually caused by a malfunction in the hearing aid’s circuitry, requiring the hearing aid repair services of a hearing aid expert to fix.

Hearing aid feedback can happen for a number of reasons. Remember, the true hearing aid experts are audiologists. For more information about hearing aids or for hearing aid repair services, visit your local hearing health care professional.

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