San Diego Hearing Center Will Hosts Free Lyric Open House Event on October 22-26, 2012

San Diego Hearing Center Will Hosts Free Lyric Open House Event on October 22-26, 2012

North County Audiology invites San Diego residents to attend a FREE Lyric open house event on October 22-26, 2012. Receive FREE hearing screenings, FREE hearing loss information, and even a 30 day risk FREE trial of the Lyric hearing aid (Limited to Availability). Learn more about how hearing loss can affect you and your loved ones.

At the open house event, the residents of San Diego can receive FREE hearing screenings (Limited to Availability) from the in-house audiologist and owner of North County Audiology, Dr. Ken Podlenski. You will have the chance to test drive the Lyric hearing aid device with a 30 day risk FREE trial (Limited to Availability). Attendees can also get information about the financing plans that are available at North County Audiology for those in need of affordable financing plans for hearing aids.

North County Audiology will be showcasing some of the latest hearing aids, including the Lyric hearing aid device. Lyric is the first and only hearing device that is 100% invisible, can be worn continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to four months and replaced when its battery dies. Lyric was developed by ENT physicians and audiologists, and was built around three key concepts that hearing professionals have known for years: sound quality improves with proximity to the eardrum, many people with hearing loss are dissatisfied with their hearing aid options, and consumers desire a hassle-free, invisible solution.

Learn more about Lyric hearing aids.

If you are interested in the North County Audiology Lyric open house event being held October 22th-26th, 2012, please contact us (858) 240-4722. For directions to the North County Audiology hearing center, click here.

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