Why Are Custom Ear Molds Becoming More Popular?

Why Are Custom Ear Molds Becoming More Popular?

Custom ear mold products are often used in situations that are not associated with hearing aids. You can use custom ear molds for various in-ear accessories including iPod and MP3 player ear buds, hearing protection devices like ear plugs for swimmers, musician in-ear monitors, and more. These products are usually used by musicians, hunters, industrial workers, motorcyclists, athletes & coaches, airline personnel, military personnel, DJs, and anyone else who wants to protect their hearing and prevent hearing loss.

iPod and MP3 Player Ear Buds Westone iPod and MP3 Player Custom Fitted Ear Buds

Custom molded ear buds for iPods and MP3 players are made to fit comfortably in the ear. They also give you a better listening experience, especially when listening for long periods of time.

Hearing Protection Devices a.k.a. Earplugs Etymotics Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Custom molded earplugs are recommended for people who have certain jobs that require them to work in loud environments, but custom earplugs can also be used for practically any application including air travel, occupational related and even sleeping. You will be surprised at the many affordable options you have in protecting your hearing.

Musician In-Ear Monitors Ultimate Ears Custom In Ear Monitor for Musicians

Musician in-ear monitors are specifically made for musicians; these custom fitted in-ear monitors can protect hearing while at the same time allowing for that broadband response that most musicians enjoy and require.

Swimming Ear Plugs Westone Custom Swim Plugs

Custom fitted ear plugs for swimming are great for keeping water out of your ears. The custom molds come in many colors and also float just in case they fall out. Ear plugs for swimming are often recommended by hearing care professionals for hearing protection.

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