Hearing Protection: Custom In-Ear Monitors for Musicans

Hearing Protection: Custom In-Ear Monitors for Musicans

Musicians have a high risk for hearing loss simply because they are constantly exposed to loud noise. It is a known fact that being exposed to loud noises over a period of time can cause hearing damage. With that being said, noise-induced hearing loss should definitely be a concern for musicians. Without the proper hearing protection, many musicians lose their hearing. Custom in-ear monitors can help protect the hearing ability which is needed to produce and hear music without affecting the quality of sound.

Audiologists are qualified hearing care professionals that can make custom ear molds for almost any in-ear accessory, including custom in-ear monitors. Custom in-ear monitors fit the wearer comfortably and deliver a perfectly filtered sound. Molded from a soft clear silicone and modeled after a miniature microphone, they are comfortable to wear and easy to use. Musicians like the fact that they still have the ability to hear with clarity of tone and know they are on the same beat and same note as their band and back up.

The box that controls volume also controls frequency and the distribution of noise into the inner ear. Some of the more choice models allow for a broadcast directly into the ear so that on stage communication can continue with little interruption from the noise of the crowd. This technology has been so successful for musicians, which is why custom in-ear monitors for musicians have become so popular.

If you’re a musician interested in protecting your hearing, visit your local audiologist to discuss your options. Located in San Diego, North County Audiology provides a variety of hearing care products and services including custom ear mold impressions and custom in-ear products.  Contact us today and tell the audiologist exactly what kind of hearing protection you’re looking for.

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