New Phonak Bolero Q Hearing Aid Now Available at North County Audiology

New Phonak Bolero Q Hearing Aid Now Available at North County Audiology

San Diego hearing aid center, North County Audiology is now offering the new Phonak Bolero Q hearing aid device. This Phonak hearing aid addresses a wide range of hearing loss needs by offering 4 different models.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – December 11, 2012 –North County Audiology,, announces that they will be offering the new Phonak hearing aid, the Phonak Bolero Q. Committed to providing the best hearing care in San Diego, CA, North County Audiology continues to keep up with the many hearing aid advancements offering the latest hearing aids in the industry to their patients. Dr. Kenneth Podlenski of North County Audiology will be offering FREE trials of the new Phonak hearing aid – with limited availability. Call (858) 240-4722 for more information.

The Phonak Bolero Q offers 4 different hearing aid models that address a wide range of hearing loss needs, both audiological and cosmetic.  With so many styles, colors, and hearing aid features available, the Phonak Bolero Q can satisfy any hearing aid user. The model and style best suited for the patient is dependent upon such factors as hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.

The features and technology in the Bolero Q make it a promising hearing aid product. The Phonak Bolero Q hearing aid was built around Binaural VoiceStream Technology. This hearing aid technology allows you to focus on a single voice in a loud environment providing more signal, less noise and better understanding.  Some of the newly added features of the Phonak Bolero Q include the Speech in Wind feature which gives the hearing aid user better hearing in windy environments.   The auto StereoZoom feature allows the hearing aid to automatically focus on the voice the user wants to hear, allowing the hearing aid user to effortlessly interact in the most noisy of environments.

Dr. Kenneth Podlenski is proud to serve the people of San Diego. If you feel that you suffer from any type of hearing loss problem, please come and visit the award winning audiologist, Dr. Kenneth Podlenski at North County Audiology. For additional information about North County Audiology or to schedule an appointment to get your hearing tested, visit or call (858) 240-4722.

About North County Audiology:

Established in 1990, North County Audiology is San Diego’s premiere hearing care center, offering expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems.  North County Audiology assists in rehabilitative services for patients with hearing impairments, including the fitting and dispensing of hearing aid devices, offering custom hearing protection, swim plugs, as well as a full line of assistive listening devices.  In addition, we work with musicians and offer devices to protect hearing during rehearsals and performances, and custom molds for universal monitors as well as offering custom monitors.

Kenneth Podlenski, Doctor of Audiology, graduated from the University of Florida. He completed his clinical first year at the San Diego VA Hospital. After leaving the VA Hospital, Dr. Podlenski worked at the Hearing and Balance Center in Kearny Mesa before joining North County Audiology. Dr. Podlenski is passionate about the field of hearing healthcare and specializes in clinical audiology and working with patients to develop appropriate hearing solutions. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and is Board Certified in Audiology.

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