About the Oticon ConnectLine Series of Hearing Devices

About the Oticon ConnectLine Series of Hearing Devices

For years, people with hearing impairments have had numerous devices available to help with everyday activities such as talking on the phone and watching television. Some of the problems associated with these hearing devices have included overwhelming complexity, inferior technology, or their overall, bulky unsightliness.

Oticon ConnectLine Hearing Aid TechnologyThe Oticon ConnectLine series of hearing devices is changing all that. With their Streamer able to bring crystal clear sound from a television to the owners hearing device, cranking up the TV volume is now a thing of the past. With a simple press of a button, the device pairs with the user’s hearing aids, allowing the sound to be delivered directly to the hearing aids, rather than having to rely on the televisions built-in speakers alone. And with gains in technology being what they are, the delay of older Bluetooth connectivity is a thing of the past as well.

To compliment this device, Oticon’s ConnectLine series also includes an adapter for telephone calls. You can use your existing cell phone or landline telephone, and the sound of the call is produced in crystal clear audio to your hearing aids. Again, it pairs with the press of a button. No wires, no lengthy codes to enter or processes to follow. Once the devices are paired, they automatically recognize each other each and every time they are used.

Another added benefit of Oticon’s ConnectLine is the clip-on microphone known simply as the ConnectLine Microphone. With this small microphone attached to the user’s conversation partner enables the person wearing the hearing device (again, their preferred device) to hear the speaker clearly. This works by sending the sound to the Streamer device as they are paired automatically.

With all of these “plug-and-play” devices readily available, those who are hearing impaired are bound to enjoy a vastly improved lifestyle with the Oticon ConnectLine series of devices. Between the ease of use and the crystal clear sound, what more could you ask for?

Visit us at North County Audiology today to find out more about these exciting technological breakthroughs! The Oticon ConnectLine is available at North County Audiology, located in San Diego, CA. Contact us for more info.

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