Tips for First-Time Hearing Aid Users

Tips for First-Time Hearing Aid Users

It is easy to feel overwhelmed if you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss. There are questions you have for your audiologist about how to restore your hearing including talk of a hearing aid. Luckily, hearing aid technology has come leaps and bounds over the past few years. Now hearing aids offer noise reduction and wireless features. These great features and many others allow hearing loss patients to regain their hearing which is extremely exciting! A world full of new and beautiful sounds is right around the corner for you with a hearing aid. North County Audiology offers a few tips for first time hearing aid users to help make the process of getting a hearing aid and adjusting to it easier for our patients!

  • At first finding the right balance between sound and volume can be a little bit tricky. The brain must get used to hearing new sounds it hasn’t heard in quite a while. It is important to make sure that the volume is not set too high or too low, but is just perfect. With the help of a hearing healthcare professional this balance can be achieved.
  • Another setting that may take some fine tuning is frequency. It is important to make sure that your hearing aid amplifies the right frequency. If the hearing aid is set to amplify too much frequency that a patient is sensitive to, it may cause a negative effect instead of a positive hearing experience. This can also be fixed with the help of a hearing health professional.
  • When you receive your hearing aid it is a good idea to walk around the clinic and or go outside to see if it functions the way you want it to in different environments before even leaving the clinic.
  • If at first, wearing your hearing aid feels uncomfortable gradually increase how long you wear it each day. This will help your brain and ears adjust to the new sounds coming in without feeling overwhelmed.

Your new hearing aid will open up exciting new opportunities for you or a loved one. It is extremely important to communicate with your audiologist if you have any concerns or issues with your hearing aid so they can be addressed and properly adjusted. Like all things new to us, hearing aids can take some getting used to. Once your brain and ears have gotten used to the new sounds you are experiencing, you will see just how well your life has changed due to hearing aids.

At North County Audiology we strive to give our patients their hearing back. If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We offer hearing tests and hearing aid services in San Diego. Call us at (858) 240-4722 for any questions or to set up your appointment today!

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