Hearing Loss in Active Soldiers and Veterans

Hearing Loss in Active Soldiers and Veterans

Protecting our hearing is extremely important, because once it has been damaged, the damage cannot be undone. Hearing loss and tinnitus are consistently ranked as the number 1 and number 2 service related disabilities among soldiers and veterans according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. At North County Audiology we would like to offer our thank you to the men and women who serve in the military and also extend OUR services to help currently active soldiers and veterans with their hearing loss.

Soldiers are exposed to loud noises on a regular basis, whether it be from a generator, helicopter, gunfire, etc. The first step to preventing hearing loss is by wearing hearing protectors whenever possible. There is quite a bit of resistance from many to wear hearing protectors. Many soldiers often say it will hinder their ability to hear important noises such as the click of a grenade or an alarm sound. This is not true with the hearing protectors of today. The companies that provide in-ear monitors have worked hard to solve this problem by trying to find the perfect balance between protection without blocking out important outside noises. Available are custom hearing protectors and even custom in-ear monitors with radio communication capabilities. Soldiers should also frequently participate in hearing screenings to make sure that their ability to hear has not been severely compromised.

Veterans often experience hearing loss and tinnitus. An audiologist will often ask about the kinds of noise exposures  that veterans were exposed to, so they can better understand their hearing needs. Hearing loss and tinnitus can be treated by the use of hearing aids. With the technology that comes fitted into hearing aids today, many veterans will be pleased to know that there is a solution for their hearing loss. Many hearing aids are fitted with wireless and bluetooth capabilities, are more comfortable than older hearing aids, and come in nearly invisible style options.

Hearing loss can be a serious health problem among soldiers and veterans. If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss problems, do not wait another moment to find a solution. Contactus today to speak with a hearing professional in San Diego about how we can help you improve your hearing.

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