Are Your Earbuds Damaging Your Ears?

Are Your Earbuds Damaging Your Ears?

Hearing Loss PreventionThe technology available today has gone leaps and bounds in allowing us to enjoy entertainment while on the go. We have phones, MP3 players, tablets, and other gadgets that let us always stay connected to the world around us. Through the use of headphones and earbuds, we can watch shows and movies or listen to the music we love the most while in public places. Traditional outside the ear headphones have been transformed into smaller and more comfortable in the ear headphones and they are also more popular. However, did you know that earbuds or in the ear headphones can pose a risk to your ears and your hearing?

Recently, New York City proposed a $250,000 social media campaign to educate people, especially teenagers about the hearing loss earbuds may be causing. While hearing loss from earbuds affects people of all ages, studies are showing that younger people tend to like their music much louder. According to the American Academy of Audiology, noise at 85 decibels can start to cause hearing loss. MP3’s at full volume produce 100 decibels of sound and listening to a few songs from an MP3 player can start to cause hearing loss. As a general rule of thumb, a person standing next to you while you are wearing your earbuds should never  be able to hear the music you are listening to. There is one little tip to help you enjoy your favorite music without damaging your ears for many MP3 players and other portable devices. You can turn the volume limit setting down on your device, so you never put yourself at risk of turning your volume up too loud. This simple step will help keep your ears at much less of a risk when listening to music or anything else on a portable device. In educating ourselves about hearing loss, we can keep our ears health for longer!

Our goal at North County Audiology is to help you prevent any further damage to your hearing. At North County Audiology, you can also get your hearing loss treated by one of the best audiologists and hearing care professionals in the San Diego area. So if you are looking for hearing loss treatment in San Diego, CA that is friendly and comprehensive then contact North County Audiology today. We offer custom hearing protectors, hearing aids, and other hearing care treatment options. You can start hearing better today with North County Audiology!

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