Migraines and Sudden Hearing Loss

Migraines and Sudden Hearing Loss

Migranes and Sudden Hearing LossSudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) is more commonly known as simply sudden hearing loss. This type of hearing loss can affect a persons ability to hear in a few hours or over a period of a few days, often no more than 3 days. Sometimes you will hear this kind of hearing loss referred to as idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Idiopathic refers to a disease where the cause is unknown, as most cases of SSHL don’t have a known cause.

In SSHL cases it is estimated that only 15% of cases have a known cause. We know that viral infections, tumors, and trauma have been causes of SSHL before.  However, new research suggests that there may be another known cause to add to the list. Recently researches from Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan began to study SSHL. In this study, they took a group of people who suffered from migraines and a group of people who did not suffer from migraines. The group who suffered from migraines were almost twice as likely to develop SSHL. This gave researchers the confidence to say that there is a possible link between migraines and hearing loss. There will be more research conducted to find out the exact link between the two. SSHL is a rare disease with many of its causes still unknown. This research puts doctors one step closer to being able to understand why people experience sudden hearing loss. The technology available today means that we can look forward to understanding this disease in the near future.

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