Hearing Impairment Stigma Disappearing in Today’s World

Hearing Impairment Stigma Disappearing in Today’s World

In the past, hearing loss carried a stigma along with it. This was due to the fact that hearing loss can greatly impact a persons ability to communicate with others. Making even the smallest social settings anxiety filled for those with hearing loss, and for those who weren’t sure how to speak to people with hearing loss. Now, however- we are starting to see a shift in the way society views hearing loss. It is no longer viewed as such a stigma; it is actually becoming accepted and normal in the eyes of society.

A major part of the reason there is such a change in how hearing loss is viewed amongst society today is due to the new millennial. This generation loves all of the newest technology and gadgets that are readily available and easily accessible. It isn’t strange to go out and see people wearing a Bluetooth attached to their ear or headphones, so it also isn’t strange to see someone with a hearing aid. We also have to thank the technology that has helped make hearing devices smaller, more powerful, and more affordable for those who need them today. Hearing aids are viewed as just another way to keep people connected to others, as a way of improved communication. Not only do the people of today love technology, but they also love anything that can help improve their lifestyle. If using a hearing aid or assistive listening device is the means for an improved communication experience, then there is no reason not to take advantage of it. So next time you have concerns about using a hearing instrument, remember that it is completely normal!

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