How You Can Participate in Better Speech and Hearing Month

How You Can Participate in Better Speech and Hearing Month

Better Speech & Hearing Month - May 2013The month of May is better speech and hearing month. This month is recognized by the American Speech- Language- Hearing-Association and by all of the people who are affected by communication disorders. This month gives everyone including those without a communication disease the chance to show their support and to raise awareness. At North County Audiology we are focused on spreading hearing loss awareness!

It is estimated that at least 1 in 5 Americans suffer from hearing loss in at least one ear. Yet, many people go untreated for their hearing loss and suffer on a daily basis because of it. For the month of May and in the spirit of Better Hearing and Speech month, we ask you how will you help spread awareness of hearing loss to those in need? One way to spread awareness is by sharing your hearing loss story with others. You can create a blog about your hearing loss journey or join a hearing loss support group. You could accompany a family member or friend to receive a hearing test. Many people are embarrassed to admit they are suffering from hearing loss, so by making sure they aren’t alone when going for a hearing test you can help make them feel more comfortable. Another idea is to share the importance of hearing protection to those around you. Make sure your loved ones keep their ears protected when in loud environments by wearing ear protectors. These are a few simple ideas, however we are sure San Diego can come up with more ideas to show their support for Better Hearing and Speech month! Share them with us.

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