Using Wireless Technology With Your Hearing Aid

Using Wireless Technology With Your Hearing Aid

The ability to connect to the world around us wirelessly has become to many a necessity of life. Wireless technology via cell phones, iPads, and more can keep a business owner up to date at all times; or gives the everyday person access to unlimited amounts of information at any time of day. Wireless technology has opened the door for staying connected, so it is no surprise that hearing aid manufacturers are incorporating wireless technology into hearing devices.

Wireless Hearing Aid FeaturesThe hearing aids of today are small and have many different features than ever before. Different hearing aid brands and styles will offer the user an abundance of feature options, such has having a digital hearing aid, an in the ear hearing aid, background noise cancellation, and more. Did you know that connecting wirelessly to an assistive listening device is also an option with hearing aids? Hearing aids that have wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth which is commonly seen in mobile phones can connect to any assistive listening device that is Bluetooth ready. You can stream your phone, radio, TV, and more through your hearing aid thanks to wireless technology. Using an assistive listening device through the wireless capabilities with your hearing aid can make everyday tasks much easier. Whether you need to be able to hear in an important business meeting, family conversation, or while relaxing at home, you can count on wireless technology to help you!

At North County Audiology of San Diego, CA we believe hearing aids help you work smarter and not harder! This is also true when you pair your hearing aid wirelessly with an assistive listening device. We offer many different assistive listening devices including TV Ears and the Oticon FM System. To speak with an audiologist about how you can connect wirelessly with your hearing aids, contact us today!

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