Common Noises That Are Harmful To Ears

Common Noises That Are Harmful To Ears

Hearing loss affects people differently. Some are born with hearing loss, for others its a normal part of the aging process, and for some it is due to long term exposure to loud noises. A lot of the time we don’t even realize that many common sounds can be harmful to our ears. Common Noises That Are Harmful To EarsBy keeping yourself educated you can prevent suffering from hearing loss due to loud noises. You can also help your friends and family keep their ears out of harms way.

Noises starting at just 85 decibels can be harmful to your ears if you are exposed to them for more than a few moments and a one time exposure to a noise starting at 120 decibels can cause hearing damage. Here are some fairly common noises that can have an ill effect on our ears and hearing if exposed to without hearing protectors.

  • 85-100 decibels:

    • Lawn mower

    • Motorcycle

    • Garbage truck

    • Snowmobile

    • Idle bulldozer

    • Average traffic

    • Chainsaw/jackhammer

  • 100+ Decibels:

    • Blow Dryer

    • Concert

    • Nail gun/shot gun

    • Thunderclap

    • Firecracker

    • Home Stereo on max volume

These common noises can be harmful to your ears future. Keep yourself protected by wearing hearing protectors when needed because losing your hearing is no joke. At North County Audiology we urge you to get regular hearing check ups if you are constantly being exposed to loud noises. Keeping track of your hearing will help you stay healthy and on top of your game. Schedule your next appointment to have a hearing test and to ask about hearing protectors. Contact us today for more information.

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