How To Enjoy Summer Time Fun With Hearing Aids

How To Enjoy Summer Time Fun With Hearing Aids

How To Enjoy Summer Time Fun With Hearing AidsSummer brings so many activities that we love. Now, especially with the summer heat many of those activities involve water. We want to make sure that our friends with hearing aids can still enjoy summer fun while also being able to hear those around them. Here are some helpful summertime tips for how to enjoy the heat and having fun while wearing hearing aids.

First, you should know whether or not you have a waterproof or water resistant hearing aid. A water resistant hearing aid can hold up to a small amount of water, such as a surprise rain storm. A water resistant hearing aid will not be protected from swimming in the pool and jumping off the diving board. A truly waterproof hearing aid is IP68 certified and that means you can enjoy all of the water activities you would like with no concern for water damage. For other activities that will work up a sweat such as hiking or bike riding, there are solutions for your hearing aid woes as well. If you do not have a waterproof or water resistant hearing aid, you can purchase a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier to make sure that your hearing aid stays dry even after an intense workout. Remember, keeping your hearing aid away from moisture will not only help protect the unit itself, but will also keep bacteria at bay. Don’t miss a summertime event this year with these helpful tips to keep your hearing aid summer ready.

Summer won’t hold you back from using your hearing aid any longer. Make sure you understand the level of water resistance your hearing device has and to take proper care of it if it comes into contact with moisture. At North County Audiology of San Diego, CA we offer hearing aid services and hearing loss treatment. To schedule your next appointment, contact us today!

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