Hearing Loss Prevention: Why You Should Start Now

Hearing Loss Prevention: Why You Should Start Now

Hearing loss can be caused by numerous different factors ranging from genetic, general aging, illness, wax build up, and so on. Sometimes hearing loss can be treated, especially when due to something like earwax build up or an infection, however not everyone is so lucky. More often than not hearing loss is not totally treatable, but managed with hearing aids. One of the biggest causes of hearing loss is repeated exposure to loud noises, which is very much preventable.

Exposure to loud noises over a period of time is one of the biggest causes of hearing loss aside from aging, yet this is one of the few types of hearing loss that can be prevented. Noises starting at 85 decibels are dangerous to your ears for long periods of time- about 8 hours of exposure. However, at 110 decibels it only takes exposure of 90 seconds to damage your hearing. Things that often are put into the 110 decibel and louder range are a leaf blowers, rock concerts, and firing ranges, just to name a few. It is always recommended that you wear hearing protectors when you are in situations that involve loud noises for extended periods of time. You have the ability to prevent your own hearing loss when in any of these situations. You should always be aware of the availability to ear protectors such as earplugs or earmuffs. These can be made for a custom fit for comfortable and long term use or you can easily purchase earplugs at a local store. A custom fit pair of earplugs are a must have for those who are frequently near loud noises, because of the custom mold made, the earplugs will stay in place and will be made to provide the right amount of protection you need.

North County Audiology offers custom hearing protection to those in San Diego, California. We are a full service audiology center treating hearing loss and tinnitus using the best and newest technologies. Contact us today for more information on custom hearing protectors in San Diego, CA. We are now located at 12396 World Trade Drive, Suite 205 San Diego, CA  92128.

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