Taking Vitamins To Protect Your Hearing

Taking Vitamins To Protect Your Hearing

There are constantly new studies being conducted to research the causes and treatments of hearing loss. These new studies give us a more indepth look at how to ear works and how we can help reverse any damage that may be causing hearing loss. How many times have you been told take your vitamins? Well, for your hearings sake this may be very true! A new study is showing a connection between vitamins and hearing loss.

Taking Vitamins To Protect Your HearingA study conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA looked at the connected between vitamin B-12 or folic acid levels and hearing loss. Researchers wanted to look at this as a potential cause of hearing loss because vitamin B-12 and folic acid both help maintain blood flow to the ear. The study used 55 woman aged 60-71. The thought was that low levels of vitamin B-12 could be related to hearing loss, which was found to be valid. First, the women had hearing tests performed and then researchers looked at their vitamin B-12 levels. The results showed that women who had impaired hearing had a 38% lower level of B-12 and 31% lower folic acid than woman with healthy hearing. The next step is to see if taking a vitamin B-12 or folic acid supplement will help prevent hearing loss, however at this time researchers are still unsure if there will be connect to preventing hearing loss.

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