How To Fight Hearing Loss, an Invisible Disease

How To Fight Hearing Loss, an Invisible Disease

Hearing loss can be quite frustrating to live with. It is a disease that can slowly attack, seemingly taking over your life. It can keep you at home instead of out to dinner with friends and it can make job interviews seem much more intimidating. However hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life. Hearing aids and assistive listening devices help give you the confidence to go out and enjoy life to its fullest with less stress. If you find yourself in a situation that is still compromising your ability to communicate, you don’t have to let this hidden disease control you. Here are some tips on how you can control your situations so your hearing loss doesn’t control you!

  • Job Interviews with Hearing Loss: Many people will tell you not to disclose that you have hearing loss in a job interview, however this doesn’t make you feel any less nervous. In fact, now you’ve added one more thing to stress about. So, if you feel like you do not want to disclose that you have hearing loss, you can still take control and do well in your interview. If your interview is being held in a noisy place, politely as if you can speak someone a bit more quiet. This will allow you to get into a more comfortable setting without telling anyone about your hearing loss. Always sit facing towards your interviewer as well, this way you can see them and their speech will be directed right at you. If you are not concerned about disclosing your hearing loss, these tips are still helpful to follow. Once you have secured the position, it is up to you whether or not you would like to tell your employer about your hearing loss. Though, if your hearing loss affects job performance ie-not always responding when spoken to right away, it may come across as aloof behavior and call for termination. You should be aware that under the Americans with Disabilities Act you are entitled to proper assistance if needed.

  • Going Out to Social Events with Hearing Loss: Going out to a noisy restaurant can make listening to conversations tricky for anyone, let alone people who are hard of hearing. Surrounding yourself with friends and family who understand your hearing loss will help make you more comfortable. If this is not possible, much like when in a job interview make sure you are facing the person who is speaking. If you feel comfortable enough, let the person talking know that they need to speak clearly so you can hearing them.

Communicating with hearing loss doesn’t have to keep you from going out and being successful. If you are looking for hearing aids or assistive listening devices in San Diego California, then North County Audiology is for you! We offer a full range of quality hearing aid products. We also offer aural rehabilitation counseling. Contact North County Audiology to learn more about hearing aids and tips for communicating with hearing loss.

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