How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

For those who are hard of hearing, hearing aids are a lifeline. Hearing aids can help keep someone safe, connected with friends and family, and productive in the workplace. These reasons are why it is always very important to keep your hearing aid in great working condition. That means keeping it clean and getting it serviced if required without waiting too long. It takes a certain technique to keep your hearing aid clean, so we have some tips on how to properly clean your hearing aid.

How To Keep Your Hearing CleanCleaning your hearing aid should be done regularly to prevent buildup of oils and such on the hearing aid itself. It is a good idea to just simply wipe your hearing aids down with a soft rag before and after each time you wear them. You won’t want to use liquid solutions such as rubbing alcohol as the liquid can damage your hearing aid.  For more thorough cleanings you should use a wax pick, brush, and or blower depending on your model.

  • In the ear hearing aids: Cleaning these hearing aids at home is relatively simple. Remember to wipe them down and if you see wax build up use the wax pick to clear it from your unit. Simply wipe away any remains

  • Behind the ear hearing aids: Cleaning this type of hearing aid can be a bit more involved. However, when done it will give you a better performing hearing aid. First, use the wax pick to remove any visible earwax from the unit. Then take the earmold off of the hook- this part can be soaked in warm water. Then you can use the blower to clean out the tube. Make sure that everything is placed out over night to dry properly so when you put it back together it is fully dry. You don’t want to get water damage to the unit!

Keeping your hearing aids in top working condition can sometimes be as simple as just wiping them down after use. For more in depth cleanings or hearing aid services in San Diego California, contact North County Audiology. We are a audiology center located at 12396 World Trade Drive, Suite 205 San Diego, CA 92128 offering a wide variety of hearing loss treatments and hearing aid services. Contact us today for more information on how to keep your hearing aids clean. Visit us at or call us at (858) 240-4722.

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