Hearing Loss Linked to Depression

Hearing Loss Linked to Depression

Hearing loss currently affects over 50 million Americans. Simply by itself, hearing loss can be quite frustrating. These hearing loss frustrations are often the link between hearing loss and depression. This is normally only seen in cases of undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss. This is why treating your hearing loss is more important than you may think.

Hearing Loss Linked to Depression - How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your LifeIn 2012, a study was conducted by the NCOA or National Council of Aging, which revealed that people aged 50 and over who did not treat their hearing loss were much more likely to experience depression, anxiety, paranoia, and anger. This was all linked to the fact that  the people suffering from hearing loss had withdrawn themselves from many social settings. It can be very difficult to be social when suffering from hearing loss because it can make communication feel difficult and exhausting. The person suffering from hearing loss often has to ask others to repeat themselves making it frustrating for both people involved. The more severe the hearing loss the more severe the depression. However with a proper hearing aid, these problems can all be avoided. Reaching out to a hearing specialist like your local audiologist can help prevent these feelings and keep you involved with the things you love to do! Just by scheduling an easy and pain free hearing screening you can avoid any communication frustrations if you do suffer from hearing loss. It is also important to reach out to an audiologist who is trained in understanding the ear and exactly what causes hearing loss.

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