October Marks Audiology Awareness Month

October Marks Audiology Awareness Month

October is more than just the enjoyment of fall and all things pumpkin spiced. October also marks the fact that it is Audiology Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to protecting your hearing and celebrating the people who help you regain your hearing. This is also a great chance to let friends and family know that you are proactive about hearing health and to help them understand hearing loss and how to protect your ears.

All over the nation you will find doctors and audiologists encouraging you, your friends, and your family members to have their hearing screened. A simple hearing screening can mean the world to someone who has been silently suffering from hearing loss. It also gives you a reason to have your hearing checked because you are participating in a great cause for not only yourself but those around you too. Nearly 36 million Americans are suffering from hearing loss with nearly half of those people being under the age of 65 years old. All it takes is simply sharing that October is Audiology Awareness Month and invite your friends to have their hearing screened with you to help someone who is suffering from hearing loss. This month also celebrates protecting your hearing which means getting a pair of custom hearing protectors for when you are in noisy settings such as construction zones, hunting/shooting, yard work, etc. These small hearing protectors can be the difference between hearing the precious noises around you like the sound of your children or grandchildren and constantly having to ask them to repeat themselves.

At North County Audiology in San Diego California, we ask you to share that it is Audiology Awareness Month. Invite your friends to come to our office for a hearing screening, hearing aid fitting, and or custom hearing protector fitting. We are a friendly and caring audiology center specializing in the treatment of mild to severe hearing loss and tinnitus. For your hearing screening, contact us today!

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