Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss or Something Else?

Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss or Something Else?

Taking the first steps into having your hearing evaluated can be unnerving. Once you have your hearing examined, you may be surprised at what you find in a good way. What if you were told your hearing loss wasn’t permanent and was actually quite fixable? Don’t shy away from having your hearing tested just because the outcome makes you nervous, for all you know you may have a quick fix on your hands! Here are some symptoms that many times include hearing loss but may also include a quick fix:

Symptom: Runny or stuffy nose, muffled hearing.

What It Might Be: You may simply have an excess of earwax causing a blockage from your cold. Don’t worry, better hearing is in your near future. Using a decongestant will help open everything up and allow for drainage, clearing out your middle ear.

Symptom: Muffle hearing as if you were in a bubble, ringing in ears.

What It Might Be: Were you at a concert last night? If so, don’t panic. Exposure to loud noises like a concert can make our hearing a bit fuzzy for a day or two. You should not expose yourself to these loud settings often, if you do wear hearing protectors so this type of hearing loss doesn’t become permanent

There are also some other types of hearing loss that may require a little bit more audiologist intervention. Here are some of those symptoms:

Symptom: You have to lean closer to a person talking to understand them, turn so your “good” ear is facing them, and this has gotten worse with age.

What It Might Be: Conduction hearing loss. The sooner you speak with an audiologist, the sooner you can secure the right treatment plan for you.

Symptom: You cannot understand people when you are in a crowded and noisy environment.

What It Might Be: Nerve hearing loss. This occurs when sound doesn’t reach the inner ear. IT can be treated with a hearing aid.

Having your hearing tested in San Diego, CA is easy and painless when you see Dr. Podlenski. At North County Audiology we make sure to answer any hearing loss questions or concerns and to treat you with the best technology available. We offer a full line of quality hearing aids and all come with a warranty for your guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today for a hearing evaluation in San Diego, California.

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