Music May Help Prevent Hearing Loss with Age

Music May Help Prevent Hearing Loss with Age

Music May Help Prevent Hearing Loss with AgeMusic is a very enjoyable part of most peoples lives. Whether you like listening to it or playing it, music always surrounds us. Many people have been told that learning how to play an instrument or read music can help with mathematical and science skills, but it also helps with something else. Researchers believe that musical training at a young age can also help prevent hearing loss in old age. The piano lessons that drive you mad may just be worth it in the end!

Aging often brings hearing loss woes into our life, but what if you could avoid that simply by having musical training as a child? Researchers at Northwest University believe that studying music as a young child will help the brain form and function properly even as we grow into our later years of life. The study tested 44 adults with their relationship to learning and playing music as a child from the ages of 4-14 and then looked at their hearing ability. Some participants had played music as a child and teenager but had not kept up with the hobby into their adult years. This did not matter, results showed that anyone who had learned to play music as a child from ages 4-14 had much better cognitive ability than those who did not. Cognitive ability is important for hearing as the brain must be able to quickly process and understand the surrounding sounds. As we age, our cognitive ability often slows down, however now we know that this problem can be avoided simply by playing music as a child. Keep the ears of your friends and family healthy by sharing this great new finding!

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