Holiday Hearing Aid Tips

Holiday Hearing Aid Tips

The holiday season is upon us and the time of cheer is near. We surround ourselves with friends and family and take a break from our busy lives to create new lasting memories. There may be dinners, parties, and outings galore that will keep you busy this holiday season so making sure that your hearing aid is up to par is extremely important in preventing hearing loss frustrations. Do not miss a moment this holiday season, get your hearing aids serviced and follow these holiday hearing tips.

  • Check your hearing aid battery inventory and make a purchase is necessary. This will keep you powered up for all of the holiday gatherings!
  • Clean your hearing aid or have it cleaned professionally. See directions on how to clean hearing aids here.
  • If you will be near rain or snow, make sure that your hearing aids are protected from water.
  • When in a large room of people speaking, try to look directly at the person talking to you. You can also ask if they wouldn’t mind stepping into a room that is more quiet.
  • Ask a person to speak into a good ear if hearing is normal in one.
  • Make sure your hearing aids are set to the best settings they can be for you. An audiologist can help with this.
  • If you are hosting a party, don’t use loud background music. Let everyone’s laughter be the music for the evening.

These simple holiday hearing loss tips will allow you to have a joyous time of year without having to worry about your hearing loss. North County Audiology can help those who are hard of hearing have a great holiday. We offer hearing aids in San Diego and hearing evaluations as well. Come on in and let us give you the gift of hearing. Contact us today for more information on hearing aids and accepted insurances.

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