At North County Audiology, we know that you demand a lot from your hearing aid device. We know that you need a hearing solution that keeps up with your day-to-day activities and takes the hard work out of hearing conversations and the other important sounds in your life. That’s why we want to tell you about an amazing new hearing aid product that might give you even more satisfaction than the one you’re currently using.

Introducing NERA!Nera Hearing Aids

Nera is Oticon’s most advanced mid-level hearing aid ever. It features a state-of-the-art sound processing architecture that is engineered exclusively for you and your unique hearing needs. You’ll hear more because we can adapt the Nera hearing aid to your personal listening needs and the way you like to hear.  The Nera hearing aid blends seamlessly with the natural way our brain and ears work so you can differentiate sounds better and hear more, even as you move from one difficult hearing environment to another. And because Nera works smarter, you don’t have to work as hard at hearing so you maintain your active lifestyle throughout the day

Oticon Nera Hearing Aid

Every Nera hearing device features a combination of advanced technologies never before available in the mid-level category. Integrated directional microphones give you the freedom to focus on the sounds most important to you. Unique whistling and feedback prevention functions help to prevent tiring interruptions. You will enjoy all around excellent sound quality and speech understanding with less listening effort.

Using Nera with the Oticon ConnectLine System

With addition of the Oticon ConnectLine system, Nera can connect wirelessly to cell phones, becoming a virtual hands-free headset.  Oticon’s ConnectLine also allows audio from televisions and landline phones to be streamed directly to your hearing aid instruments.

Because Nera is personalized to you, your life and your world, you can choose from a variety of designs, colors and custom styles that suit your lifestyle and hearing abilities. Every Nera is lightweight and discreet, so others will barely notice you’re wearing a hearing device.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Oticon’s Nera hearing aid family.

If you demand more from your hearing aid device than you’re currently getting, you owe it to yourself to find out more about Nera. North County Audiology is proud to offer quality hearing aids and quality hearing care services for the people of the San Diego community. Contact us to set up a convenient time to visit us and get more information about the Nera hearing aid by Oticon. Call us now at (858) 240-4722. Ask about a FREE Trial!

Once you try Nera, you’ll see how this customized hearing aid solution can help you get more out of the moments that are important to you.