The Nera family instruments range from compact in-the-ear styles to flexible BTE and RITE designs. RITE instruments use Oticon’s new miniFit receivers, custom molds and soft domes. Nera hearing devices are appropriate for users with mild to severe-to-profound hearing losses. Check out some of the main features of the Nera hearing aid.

Features and Benefits of the Oticon Nera Hearing Aid

Spatial Sound Advanced

In a binaural fitting, Spatial Sound Advanced enables users to better organize the environment around them. Due to broad bandwidths, smooth frequency responses and real-time binaural processing, Spatial Sound Advanced helps to convey more of the natural characteristics of an environment and the origin of the sounds within it.

YouMatic Advanced

YouMatic is an automatic system that makes it possible to factor in more of the patient’s individual needs and sound preferences into Nera’s signal processing for a more personalized fitting. YouMatic controls the sound processing in Nera across multiple environments, adjusting instrument responses, directionality, noise management, transient management and compression.

Inium Feedback Shield

Feedback shield is an effective feedback protection system implemented on the new Oticon Inium platform. Feedback shield is a hybrid system combining two technologies designed to both prevent and suppress feedback without superimposing artifacts on the signal or sacrificing audibilty. Inium feedback shield deploys the best combination of real time phase inversion and frequency shifting to deliver great sound quality at all times.

More Features & Benefits of the Nera Hearing Aid Family:

  • Spatial Sound Advanced
  • ­YouMatic Advanced
  • ­Binaural Processing
  • ­Binaural Synchronization
  • ­Binaural Coordination (PB Controls)
  • ­Fitting Bandwidth 8 kHz
  • ­Inium feedback shield
  • ­Free Focus Advanced
  • ­Life Learning
  • ­Activity Analyzer
  • ­T-coil
  • ­AutoPhone Program
  • ­Power Bass (streaming)
  • ­Music Widening (streaming)
  • ­TriState Noise Management
  • ­Transient Management
  • Multi-band Adaptive Directionality
  • ­Flexible miniFit Receiver system
  • ­ConnectLine enabled
  • ­DAI input and FM options
  • ­In-situ audiometry (Genie)

For more information about the Nera hearing aid by Oticon, contact us at (858) 240-4722.