North County Audiology would like to introduce you to one of our featured hearing aid products, the Oticon Agil hearing aid. The Oticon Agil is designed to improve your ability to hear and understand with reduced cognitive effort, even in difficult listening situations and is available in two performance levels, the Agil and the Agil Pro. Our audiologist often recommends this specific hearing aid device because it satisfies a lot of the needs of those with hearing loss. With this hearing aid device, there’s no need to avoid crowded restaurants, conference rooms, or sporting events and no need to turn up the volume on the TV.

The Oticon Agil is a next generation wireless hearing aid device built on the brand new RISE 2 platform and provides hearing aid users with an unsurpassed listening experience. With a full line family, including mini/RITE, RITE, BTE, CIC, ITE, ITC, the Oticon Agil features groundbreaking audiological technology designed to help the hearing impaired understand more using less energy, by focusing on the brains natural ability to organize sound in different environments.

Oticon Agil Hearing Aid Device

The following are three unique features that work together to make the Agil hearing aid one of the most advanced hearing devices on the market today:

  • Spatial Sound 2.0 – This hearing aid technology builds on Oticon’s unique spatial sound system by adding a binaural noise management system.
  • Speech Guard – This hearing aid feature help the device automatically adjusts the gain level in changing environments without the speech distortions of traditional compression systems.
  • Connect Plus – Delivers a richer, more natural listening experience when streaming sound using Oticon’s ConnectLine. Learn more about Oticon’s ConnectLine System

Click here to take a look inside the Agil Pro and Agil hearing aid deviceView all of the Agil Hearing Aid Features, Hearing Aid Style Options, and Hearing Aid Color Options.

The new hearing aid technologies found in the Oticon Agil hearing device are possible due to the new RISE 2 platform. RISE 2 offers the following signal processing advantages:

  • Extreme processing speed
  • Twice the calculating power of RISE
  • No increase in current consumption
  • 2nd Generation wireless
  • Smaller size for smaller instruments