North County Audiology is a leading hearing healthcare center in San Diego, California. We offer quality hearing aid devices including Oticon hearing aids. Oticon has a reputation for high quality hearing devices and is one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Oticon uses the some of the latest technology and innovations to develop hearing aids that make the daily life of those who experience hearing loss much easier. One of the hearing aids that Oticon has recently released is the Alta.

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid San DiegoAlta Hearing Aid Device

Alta, the newest hearing aid device from Oticon, allows users to hear more in any noise environment. With Alta, you shouldn’t ever find yourself avoiding loud environments anymore. You should be able to feel comfortable out in public because you know that your Alta hearing aid will be working hard to keep you connected to those around you. Go out to dinner, the local bar, a concert, or a sporting event without any worries. Alta was designed for easy use so the user doesn’t have to deal with any frustrations. Oticon also designed Alta to be personalized to the hearing aid user’s needs. You can see this with the powerful sound processing chip that works just like a “micro-brain”. It will always help the user to differentiate between speech and background noise.

The Alta hearing aid uses features like Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound Premium, and Free Focus to also add to how the user can have a personalized hearing device. These features make Alta one of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on available today.

Alta Technology Features:

  • Speech Guard E: Speech Guard E technology delivers mind blowing sound clarity. It works like a shield to protect the clarity of speech even when in loud and distracting environments.
  • Spatial Sound Premium: Spatial Sound Premium allows you to hear in 3-D, or from directions all around you. Spatial Sound Premium allows you to follow conversations that come from different directions in a room. With this technology, you can participate in a group conversation without having to be directly in front of the person you are speaking to.
  • Free Focus: Free Focus technology will automatically select the best high performance directional mode for you. Oticon delivers the ultimate user experience through this technology. Receive natural sound quality without any hard work on your part.

Alta Style Options:

  • Oticon Alta comes in various discrete designs and colors to fit your lifestyle. There are also custom fitting options available.

The Alta hearing aid makes it so you don’t have to work so hard to hear. Oticon’s innovation allows users to spend more time enjoying life. Your Alta hearing aid will be backed by a company whose reputation is known for quality and top notch technology. So, what is holding you back from living your life with the Alta hearing aid?

If you are looking for a hearing instrument that will help change your life, Alta is for you. North County Audiology proudly offers San Diego residents Oticon hearing devices. Contact us today for more information on hearing aids available in San Diego, CA.