Looking for a discreet yet stylish hearing aid? Available at the North County Audiology hearing aid center, the Oticon Intiga offers two of the most innovative, high performance hearing aid solutions on the market today: the Intiga and the Intigai. This new family of hearing aids by Oticon will satisfy all your hearing aid needs.

The Oticon Intiga isn’t just another family of hearing aid solutions. Whether you are looking for the sleek styling of the Intiga RITE or the new custom invisible–in-the-canal model, Intigai, this hearing aid line makes the transition to wearing hearing aid instruments, especially for first-time hearing aid users, a seamless and easy process.

Intigai and Intiga Hearing Aids

Benefits & Features of the Oticon Intiga

  • Listen with quiet clarity – Intiga’s Speech Guard hearing aid technology works with your brain to recognize natural speech cues and keep competing background noise from distracting you, so you can follow conversations naturally, in real time.
  • Put the hearing device on and forget about it – Intiga’s automatic functionality means you won’t have to fiddle with switches to adjust it.
  • Tear down the wall of sound – If you have hearing loss, background noise can be a huge barrier. Intiga’s new Spatial Sound hearing aid technology makes it easier to separate conversation from the background noise. This allows you to focus on the voices that are speaking to you, and shift attention to other voices as you choose.
  • Expand your listening possibilities with Oticon’s ConnectLine – Intiga is fully compatible with Oticon’s ConnectLine system – a range of plug-and-play bluetooth accessories that can turn your Intiga hearing device into the world’s smallest wireless headset. With ConnectLine, the Intiga hearing aid can wirelessly connect to your cell phone, landline phone, television, and just about any device with an audio output to boost your enjoyment of hearing and listening. Learn more about Oticon’s ConnectLine System
Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid Device

Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless solution. With its organic design and fully-automated sound processing capabilities, the Intiga RITE meets the needs of those demanding a discreet hearing aid solution. The Oticon Intiga is the ideal choice when you need high performance.  This cutting-edge hearing aid device is small and sleek and sits behind your ear – making it super discreet and extremely comfortable to wear.

The Intiga features outstanding sound quality and simple, automatic operation. Bluetooth capabilities allow Intiga to connect wirelessly to cell phones, becoming a virtual hands-free headset. With addition of the Oticon ConnectLineTM system, audio from television and landline phones can be streamed directly to hearing instrument.

Click here to take a look inside the Intiga hearing aid device – View all of the Intiga Hearing Aid Features, Hearing Aid Style Options, and Hearing Aid Color Options.

Oticon Intiga i Hearing Aid Device

Intigai is Oticon’s tiny custom device for clients wanting a completely invisible hearing aid solution. The Intigai sits deep inside the ear canal, offering the benefits of the natural acoustics of the external ear.  Complete with advanced audiological features including Speech Guard and the First Fit Algorithm, Intigai provides even more opportunities to satisfy the requirements of first time hearing aid users.

Oticon Intigai is the perfect choice for your active life. Intigai is customized to fit the unique shape of your ear to ensure a comfortable fit. This means that no matter how active you are, Intigai stays put and invisible. We believe that the Oticon Intiga hearing aid instrument will help improve your ability to understand conversation and to participate more naturally in life.

Click here to take a look inside the Intigai hearing aid device – View all of the Intigai Hearing Aid Features, Hearing Aid Style Options, and Hearing Aid Color Options.