Phonak hearing aids are available at North County Audiology. Phonak, a global leader in the development and manufacture of digital hearing aids, is recognized by hearing healthcare professionals for the company’s product leadership and innovative features built into the entire product line of Phonak hearing aids. The company is also known for its specialty hearing aid devices for niche consumers and its extensive use of wireless technology to deliver improved hearing and quality of life.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids have won several awards for the beauty of their design, including the 2011 Good Product Design award. Phonak especially concentrates on the design, development, production and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced hearing aid systems. From premium grade to entry-level products, they strive to produce solutions for both adults and children with all levels of hearing loss.

Phonak hearing aids may offer the perfect solution for your hearing needs. Phonak has a complete range of hearing systems and accessories that fit any user’s individual needs. Their goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss, and they strive to overcome technological limitations so that all people are able to hear, understand, and fully enjoy life’s rich landscapes of sound.

Features and Benefits of Phonak Hearing Aids include:

Phonak hearing aids offer some of the best features and benefits in signal processing, comfort, and function. All of the features are developed and designed to improve the range and quality of sounds heard through a Phonak hearing aid device. Some of these include:

  • EchoBlock – Understand in echoey environments
  • SoundRelax – Reduces annoying sounds
  • RealEar Sound – Natural sound orientation
  • WindBlock Management Technology – suppresses wind blowing sounds which is a common problem with hearing aid users
  • NoiseBlock Processing – Premium comfort in background noise
  • WhistleBlock Technology – Feedback free hearing
  • QuickSync – Control both instruments with one touch
  • WaterResistance – Complete protection
  • Slim Design – Small esthetically appealing and highly ergonomic
  • SoundRecover – accommodates high frequencies, such as singing birds, which many people suffering from hearing loss cannot distinguish.
  • Zoom Control technology- allows the wearer to choose the hearing focus.
  • Sound Flow technology -creates a seamless transition between hearing situations and environments
  • DuoPhone – allows the listener follow a phone conversation with both ears.

Today, Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing aid devices in custom colors to match nearly every skin tone, along with high-tech specialty hearing aid products and complementary wireless communications systems.

If you are looking to buy a new hearing aid, Phonak hearing aids may be a perfect choice for you. North County Audiology will assist you in selecting  the best hearing aid for your level of hearing loss, lifestyle, ear canal size, and budget.  Contact us at and make an appointment at our North County Audiology center, located in San Diego, California, or call (858) 240-4722

Phonak Hearing Aids:

  • Naida by Phonak
  • Nios Micro
  • Audeo Mini
  • Audeo Smart
  • YES by Phonak
  • Phonak Ambra
  • Phonak Cassia
  • Phonak Milo Plus