We are dedicated to providing the people of San Diego, CA with top brand hearing aids. One of the brands we carry is Phonak. As a global leader in the development and manufacturing of hearing aids, Phonak is a trusted brand by many hearing healthcare professionals. They give special attention to detail which can be seen in the technology that is placed into every hearing device Phonak designs. Phonak is also a supporter of the Hear the World Foundation, which helps support people all over the world who suffer from hearing loss.

Phonak is constantly trying to come up with newer and better technologies to incorporate into their hearing devices. Most recently, Phonak released the Audéo Q. This new hearing aid combines power and phenomenal sound quality all while being hidden in a small unit behind your ear.

Phonak Audeo Q Hearing Aids

Audéo Q Style Options: Audéo Q comes in three different behind the ear styles which can all be set to the right performance level for your hearing loss needs. This hearing aid is recognized for being discreet, as it comes in a small package and comes in many different colors. You can choose the color that matches your hair and/or skin color. However, if a fun and wild color hearing device is what you are looking for, the Audéo Q comes in red, purple, blue and more!

Audéo Q Technology Features: This powerful hearing aid doesn’t skip out on anything that hard of hearing people are looking for!  A few of the most noted features in the Audéo Q  hearing aid are: Auto StereoZoom, Auto ZoomControl, Speech in Wind, SoundFlow, and Tinnitus Balance.

  • Auto StereoZoom: This feature will automatically activate when you are in a loud setting so you can still hearing the people you are trying to have a conversation with.
  •  Auto ZoomControl: If you are sick and tired of always having to face the person you are speaking with to be able to understand them, then this feature is for you. When you cannot easily face a speaker, this will zoom to either side and even backwards so you can understand people from all angles.
  • Speech in Wind: With comfort and effortless listening in mind, Phonak added this feature. It helps you in windy settings so you can still understand speech well.
  • SoundFlow: Having a smart hearing aid makes your life just a little bit easier. This hearing aid will automatically adjust its settings based on the sound environment you’re in.
  • Tinnitus Balance: This feature helps those suffering from the annoying ringing or buzzing from tinnitus. It generates a sound to counteract the annoyance of Tinnitus.

These are a few of features that Audéo Q has available and there are many more! The Audéo Q hearing aid is also completely compatible with Phonak’s wireless communication accessories. This hearing aid will keep you connected to every aspect of life around you, you won’t feel left out again. Audéo Q comes in different power levels to meet your hearing loss needs from mild to profound. Phonak also allows you to choose which features you would like to make your hearing aid affordable for your budget.

North County Audiology offers comprehensive and thorough hearing healthcare in San Diego, California. We have helped hundreds of people find the right hearing aid for their lifestyle and needs. The Phonak Audéo Q may be just the hearing aid you have been waiting for. To learn more about Phonaks Audéo Q, contact us today!