Rexton is a well known hearing aid manufacturer and has been in the hearing aid industry for long time. Hearing aid users have been very satisfied with the quality of the hearing aid devices they have developed throughout the years. The hearing aid company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rexton also operates as a subsidiary of Siemens.

Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton’s longtime goal has been to develop a family of hearing aids that are both advanced and accessible to all hearing aid users. Rexton hearing aids include user-friendly features designed solely to improve hearing and quality of life for those with hearing loss. Combined with high-tech hearing aid accessories like the Mini Blue RCU, Blue RCU, Remote Control, and Charger, Rexton hearing aids offer convenience and flexibility, ideal for any lifestyle.

Rexton has a range of audio friendly hearing aids, including BTE (behind-the-ear), CIC (completely in-the-ear) and full shell models. Whether you are suffering from a mild hearing loss or have severe hearing loss problems, Rexton has a hearing aid to fit your needs. Adults, teenagers, children and infants can all benefit from a Rexton hearing aid.

Rexton Hearing Aid Technology: Benefits & Features

  • Focus 360°: allows the user to hear alongside and behind.
  • Blu RC or Blue Link: allows streaming through Bluetooth wireless devices and can control the aid’s functions.
  • Wireless technology: allows for program and volume control coupling on binaural instruments.
  • Wireless assistant:  when wearing more than one hearing aid, this technology will sync them together.
  • Feedback Preventer and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System: no whistling, no feedback, plain and simple.
  • Sound Radiance: enhances the high pitches for a full and rich sound when listening to music.
  • Sound Locator: mimics the way sound plays within the outer ear so the user can pinpoint where the sounds are coming from.
  • Sound Smoothing: softens sudden sounds you may hear like the rustling of paper, clanging dishes or breaking glass.
  • Multi-channel Adaptive Directional Microphone: allows for speech to be heard more clearly when there is a lot of noise surrounding the user.
  • Adaptive Environment Management: allows for automatic adjustments to any soundscape.
  • Rechargeable: you can recharge entire units so that power can last longer.
  • Automatic Noise Reduction: will analyze the incoming signals in real time while isolating background noise.
  • Advanced Nano Coating :protects the hearing aid from moisture and debris along with an inside sealant.
  • Automatic Equalizer
  • Program Change Signal is available on the most basic models and the signal sounds when the program changes within the aid.

We at North County Audiology know that it can be confusing to know exactly what level of hearing aid technology you will need when selecting a hearing aid. Our experienced audiologist can help you decide what hearing aid is best for you. Contact us today at (858) 240-4722 to make an appointment. Conveniently located in San Diego, California.

Rexton Hearing Aids:

  • Onyx
  • Insite
  • Stream
  • Pico
  • Cobalt
  • Bridge
  • Day
  • Gem
  • Arena
  • Revo
  • Revera
  • Calibra
  • Targa
  • Strata 2c
  • Charismo 2c
  • Finesse 2c
  • Accord 2c
  • Joy 2c
  • Day +
  • Onyx +
  • Arena