charismoCharismo 2c is a small, compact Receiver-In-Canal that’s perfect for those looking for the latest technology and the utmost in secrecy. Charismo 2c satisfies the hearing needs of high-performance and provides a natural sound experience in difficult hearing.

Charismo 2c features TwinCore technology – the leapfrog in hearing aid technology. TwinCore provides a signal processing resolution that’s twice as high as most products found on the market today. Combine this platform with our latest hearing aid algorithms and you have the best speech understanding and highest possible comfort.

Charismo 2c hearing aids offer the following premium features that work together to provide comfortable listening in any setting:

  • HD Directionality
  • HD Microphone
  • HD Bandwidth
  • Automatic Focus 360°
  • Soft Level Focus
  • Smart Automatic Environment Manager
  • SecureTec Nano Coating
  • SecureTec Connector Seal
  • C-Grid Wax Protection System