Siemens Ace Hearing AidThe Siemens Ace hearing aid series of hearing aids is one of the tiniest, most discrete behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid available. When worn, the Ace hearing aid device will remain virtually invisible to everyone else, but you will be impressed by the huge difference it will make in your hearing and listening comfort! Despite its tiny size, the Ace hearing aid is incredibly durable and reliable, giving you many years of use.

The Ace hearing aid by Siemens is built to adapt and learn from the way you live! Sophisticated programming actually learns and then memorizes how you prefer to hear in different environments. It automatically adapts when you encounter those same conditions again. What this means to you is effortless, natural hearing that fits your lifestyle. Whether you are a new hearing aid user or have been wearing hearing aids for years, the Ace hearing aid is a perfect, comfortable choice for you.

The Ace can sense ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself, helping the hearing aid device filter out unwanted noise and deliver optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hearing aid.

Features & Benefits of the Ace Hearing Aid by Siemens:

  • Ultra small design
  • Tinnitus control features
  • miniReceiver for natural sound quality
  • Directional microphones to help wearers focus on a conversation
  • Push button for optional control
  • BestSound Technology to deliver the most clear, and natural sound possible
  • Exchangeable hearing aid housing lets you choose from the entire variety of colors to match hair and skin tones
  • Water Resistant (NOT Waterproof)
  • Automatically remembers and adjusts to your circumstances

If you are interested in the Ace hearing aid by Siemens, please call (858) 240-4722 and speak with our audiologist to see if this is the right hearing aid solution for you! Fill out our contact form and schedule an appointment for a hearing aid evaluation.