Starkey’s newest full family of wireless products featuring next generation 900 MHz technology that leads the way in performance, comfort, personalization and connectivity. This groundbreaking technology provides consistent performance in challenging environments like noisy restaurants and parties.

Z Series wireless hearing aids are designed to:

  • Improve speech audibility in difficult listening situations.
  • Easily adapt to new sounds to help you acclimate to your new devices by gradually and automatically adjusting your listening settings.
  • Provide distortion free listening comfort for loud sounds while ensuring ultimate clarity for soft sounds.
  • Use HydraShield, a built-in water and wax repellent moisture protection system to ensure durability and dependability.
  • Bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears through the use of Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.
  • Give patients a natural sounding hearing experience with improved streaming robustness.

New in Wireless Accessories:

SurfLink Mobile 2

Starkey’s popular SurfLink Mobile has been enhanced to provide a better patient experience. SurfLink Mobile 2 is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one offering carefree connectivity and control with doubled battery life.