Unitron is a respected hearing aid company who works alongside hearing healthcare professionals to stay abreast with the needs and wants of the hearing aid industry. Unitron develops and manufactures high-quality hearing aids for those with hearing loss. With innovations that set new industry standards, Unitron hearing aids will make life better.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer that prides themselves on their audiological and scientific expertise. Unitron focuses on the thing that matters the most to hearing aid users – Speech Understanding. Hearing matters to Unitron, and they make sure to use this motto when creating and developing their hearing aid products. Unitron hearing aids are designed with advanced features and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

On top of the many hearing aid products, Unitron has hearing aid accessories like the uDirect, Smart Control, uTV, and the Smart Alert System to help you hear even more effectively. With the use of Unitron hearing aid accessories, hearing aid users are able to connect to different audio sources including MP3 players, TVs, computers, and more, so the listening experience can truly be enhanced.

Unitron Hearing Aid Technology: Benefits & Features

  • SmartFocus: hearing speech-in-noise in one of the biggest obstacles with hearing loss. SmartFocus allows you to hear what’s important and “zone out” the other sounds you don’t wish to hear.
  • AntiShock: sudden impulse noises (such as a door slamming, glass breaking, hands clapping) are controlled without compromising speech or environmental sounds.
  • LearnNow: with this button your hearing aid will actually remember different hearing situations and make automatic adjustments when you encounter a similar listening environment later on.
  • Easy-DAI: automatically senses external audio devices and appropriately amplifies the signals.
  • Speech Zone: even in the toughest listening situations, allows both hearing aids to work together to automatically zone in on speech
  • My Music: offers a personalized enhanced listening experience and brings out the rich, ful tones of your favorite music genres.
  • Feedback Management System: ensures a comfortable listening experience, free from annoying whistling sounds.

Want to see if Unitron hearing aids are for you? Hearing healthcare professionals like the experienced audiologist here at North County Audiology will gladly give you the information you seek! North County Audiology is conveniently located in San Diego, California. Let our audiologist guide you through your decision-making process. Please take a moment to contact us today at (858) 240-4722 to make an appointment for a hearing aid evaluation.

Unitron Hearing Aids:

  • Quantum
  • Moxi
  • Passport
  • Latitude
  • Shine
  • 360
  • Tandem
  • Yuu
  • Next
  • Indigo
  • Element
  • Unison
  • Breeze.