North County Audiology offers Widex hearing aids in the area of San Diego, CA. Widex hearing aids have helped millions of adults and children to overcome their hearing loss. Widex is a well-known and respected hearing aid manufacturer dispensed by many hearing industry professionals. Widex listens to and works closely with professionals and users alike as they build on more than five decades of leading research and development in finding solutions to hearing loss.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex strives to give people with hearing loss the same opportunities to communicate as those with normal hearing.  For this reason, Widex is committed to finding not just the right solutions, but the most natural solutions to hearing loss. Widex emphasizes the importance of design, technology and the environment in each one of its hearing aid products to create the most near-natural hearing experience possible.


Widex hearing aids do not just sound fantastic; they look great, and are comfortable and easy to wear. Widex hearing products reflect the long tradition of Danish design, which emphasizes form and functionality. Good design is an important part of delivering the most natural and enjoyable listening experience.


Widex has a reputation for setting new technological standards. From developing the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid to designing its own wireless technology, Widex is constantly striving to be at the forefront of hearing aid technology. Widex also invests heavily in research and development to remain innovative and create the most natural sound possible.


Widex is the first CO2 neutral hearing aid manufacturer. Widex hearing aids are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible at their new headquarters in Denmark. For Widex, these things come naturally. That is what makes Widex Hearing Products the natural choice.

Widex hearing aids are equipped with state-of-the-art features and provide great benefits to their users, who can select the hearing aids that better fit their needs from the different Widex hearing aid series.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Clear

The new wireless hearing aid family CLEAR lets you hear as close to natural sound as possible. It also provides other benefits such as: Locate and focus on sound from any direction, clear speech, partner alarm, reduced wind noise, and phone calls in both hearing aids. The CLEAR family includes:

  • Widex CLEAR 440
  • Widex CLEAR 330
  • Widex CLEAR 220
Widex Mind

Exceptional sound is the hallmark of the MIND family. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art hearing aid that makes sure you hear superb sound wherever and whenever, then mind is for you. MIND is also the first hearing aid to feature the revolutionary Zen relaxation and tone program. This can actively help with managing tinnitus and help you relax. Zen is available in the entire MIND family. The MIND hearing aid series includes other innovative benefits such as an upgrade of the sound technology, a relaxation program and a verbal messaging system. The MIND family includes:

  • Widex MIND 440
  • Widex MIND 330
  • Widex MIND 220
Widex Passion

Widex PASSION, one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, proves that advanced technology can also look good. Passion is ultra-small, incredibly comfortable to wear, stylish and discreet. The PASSION hearing instrument series delivers sophisticated performance down to the finest details, and the unique feedback cancelling system in Passion helps minimize annoying whistling. Passion utilizes Integrated Signal Processing™ (ISP) technology, exclusive to Widex. ISP integrates your needs and preferences while dramatically increasing sound quality. The PASSION family includes:

  • Widex Passion 440
  • Widex Passion 115
  • Widex Passion 110
  • Widex Passion 105
Widex Super

Small, comfortable and versatile, Widex SUPER introduces RITE technology to the super power segment for the first time. SUPER series have the power to provide loudness, have the gain for speech understanding, have no feedback (doesn’t whistle), and have a long battery life. The SUPER instruments are also made for all day, everyday use, and have a robust and stylish design. The SUPER family includes:

  • Widex SUPER 440
  • Widex SUPER 220

Widex also offers accessories for your hearing aid for the complete hearing solution. If you are considering getting a set of Widex hearing aids in San Diego, make an appointment at our North County Audiology center, conveniently located in San Diego, CA and ask our qualified audiologist which Widex hearing aid model is best for you. Contact us today at or call (858) 240-4722.