At North County Audiology, we understand that living with hearing loss can be frustrating at times because you feel alone. We believe that people who have a hearing impairment should be able to participate in everyday life with confidence and happiness. You should never feel alone or excluded because of your hearing loss. According to the Hearing Loss Association of California, 1 in 10 Americans suffer from hearing loss and hearing loss is the third most prevalent, but treatable, disability among senior citizens.

If you or a loved one is concerned about their hearing loss and would like more support, there are support group options available. Hearing loss support groups are a great way for those suffering from hearing loss to feel included and welcomed in a social setting without feeling nervous that those around them won’t understand their hearing loss needs. Here, people with common hearing loss concerns voice their needs and find solidarity. The types of support groups vary from physical meeting places to online communities. Whichever you choose, know that joining a support group for hearing loss in San Diego is a great idea!

North County Audiology: At North County we offer Aural Rehabilitation Counseling. We believe that having a hearing aid is just part of the solution. We offer support for our patients to make sure that they are comfortable with their hearing device and offer strategies to help them succeed with their hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Association of America: The Hearing Loss Association of America is a group that offers many different chapter locations, one is conveniently located right here in San Diego, CA. This support group offers membership to those with hearing impairments, friends and family of people with hearing impairments, supporters, and businesses who are interested in creating a better way of living for those with hearing loss. The group provides support, education, and social activities for people with hearing loss. For more information on this support group, visit their website.

Hearing Loss Association of California: The Hearing Loss Association of California is affiliated with the Hearing Loss Association of America, but caters strictly to California residents. This nonprofit group offers many resources concerning hearing loss in the state of California, but also offers many support group locations throughout California.  You can find their support group locations here.

Deaf Community Services:  Deaf Community Services offers many services to people suffering from hearing loss from education programs, mental health programs, interpreting service, and employment opportunities. This group prides themselves on being an organization “of, by and for the deaf and hard of hearing” in San Diego. They offer many resources to those in need. Visit Deaf Community Services for more information.

Daily Strength: This is an online support group for people who may not be able to attend meetings. The website offers numerous support groups but has different sections for each group. There is a community that is strictly for those suffering from hearing loss and for their family and friends as well. They have providing users with message boards to communicate through. Click here to visit this online community for hearing loss.

North County Audiology wants to see a world where people with hearing impairments can live with the highest quality of life. Health care professionals like Dr. Kenneth Podlenski of North County Audiology are dedicated to making sure that you have all of the support you and your loved ones need while living with hearing loss. There are many support group options available, so you should never feel alone when dealing with your hearing loss. For more information on how North County Audiology can help you with your hearing loss, contact us today!