It is common knowledge that loud noise can cause hearing loss. So, if you are around loud noises, you may wish to consider custom hearing protection. At North County Audiology, we offer a wide array of hearing protection products ranging from in-ear monitors for musicians to ear plugs for sleeping which are made from a custom mold of your ear. We also offer devices to protect hearing in loud work environments, while hunting, or while riding a motorcycle.  Even if you are a recreational swimmer, custom hearing protectors can be used to help prevent water from getting into the ears.Custom Hearing Protection

Many people find custom made hearing protectors superior in terms of fit and comfort.  The hearing care professional at North County Audiology knows that protecting your hearing is an important part of keeping your ears healthy and preventing hearing loss. By using hearing protection, you can help prevent future hearing complications.

Conveniently located in San Diego, North County Audiology offers the following hearing protection products:

  • Custom Molded Ear Plugs for Sleeping
  • Custom In Ear Monitors for Musicians, DJ’s, & Restaurant and Nightclub Employees
  • Custom Noise Plugs for Military Personnel, Policemen, Firefighters, & EMT’s
  • Custom Fit Ear Plugs for Airline Personnel, Flight Attendants, & Air Travelers
  • Custom Ear Plugs for Swimmers, Hunters, Motorcyclists, Race Car Drivers, & Pit Crews
  • Custom Hearing Protectors for Construction Workers, Carpenters, Machinists and Heavy Equipment Operators, Industrial Workers, & Shop Teachers
  • Custom Fitted Ear Plugs for Marching Bands, Athletes, & Coaches

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Don’t Let your Hearing Go Unprotected!

Do you work in a loud environment? Do you have trouble sleeping because of snoring or other noise? Contact the North County Audiology hearing care professional in San Diego for more information about our hearing protection products or to schedule an appointment to get a custom ear mold. Call (858) 240-4722 now!