Most people would agree that protecting your hearing is very important. Custom hearing products including custom in-ear monitors, custom fit headphones, and custom molded ear plugs, can help protect and preserve your hearing and are perfect for active people who love sports, going to concerts, or any other recreational activities where protecting your hearing is important. At North County Audiology, we can provide custom molds for all in-ear accessories including Westone earphones, Ultimate Ears headphones, and Etymotic ear plugs.

Custom Ear Molds for Practically ANY In-Ear Accessory!

We know comfort is very important when it comes to in-ear accessories. Custom molded in-ear monitors and custom-fitted ear plugs are very comfortable and stay in place, all while protecting your hearing. Our custom ear plugs are also available in a variety of colors and styles. Custom fitted in-ear headphones are made to reduce the effect of outside noise while you listen to your audio device.

Once you have decided which custom molded in-ear product is best for you, you will need to have an ear impression made to assure that the ear bud will fit perfectly. Once your custom ear mold is finished, we will have your custom in-ear device made just for you!

Protect your hearing and improve your performance with custom in-ear products. Make an appointment with San Diego’s top audiologist, (Winner of Best Audiologist in UT San Diego 2012 Poll) and fill out the contact form or call us today at (858) 240-4722. Get your custom ear mold today!

Check out some of the custom hearing products that are available!

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